15 Minute Business Brainstorm

This is a short sharp brainstorming technique that I use with my Tarot Business Coaching clients when they are feeling a bit overwhelmed and need some quick answers to a situation. It can also be done on your own. All you need is a pack of Tarot or Oracle cards, a pen, a notepad and 15 minutes of your time.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know the “book” meaning of the cards. We want to tap into your unconscious mind, your imagination and inspiration.  What the symbols and images mean to you is much more important. In fact, it’s better that you don’t know the book interpretation for this exercise. This is brainstorming and not divination.


First of all, find a deck of cards and shuffle.  To focus the mind, think about the situation while you shuffle and when you are ready, ask the cards, “What do I need to know most about what is going on?”

Pull one card only.

Study the card for 5 minutes and make a list of anything that stands out on the card – colours, symbols, numbers, clothing, objects, people etc

Spend the next 5 minutes asking yourself – “what do these things mean to me?” For example, if there is a top hat on the image – to me, this means my business because it’s my logo but it could mean a wedding/partnership/formal meeting to you. List your interpretations. 

Spend the next 5 minutes looking at how your observations relate to the situation or issue. Using the top hat example above it might mean considering a partnership or making a flexible arrangement more formal. You can use the following questions to help expand on the answers.

How does this card:

  • relate to my situation?
  • relate to actions surrounding my issue?
  • suggest an approach to my issue?
  • suggest an attitude influencing this issue?

I’d love to hear how you get on, please let me know in the comments.

Tarot Business Coaching Session – Introductory Offer

If you found the Tarot brainstorming exercise useful, a tarot business coaching session is even more so.

A session is 60 minutes long and is conducted over Zoom or Skype and costs £50/$70.

We spend the first part of it discussing your business and aspirations before agreeing on a coherent question and aligning the Tarot spread with your goals. The reading is very interactive and I coach you throughout the session.

As an introductory offer to the service, contact me for a 50% discount code and receive the session for £25/$35. 


  1. HI Kae, This technique really intrigues me and I have never come across this type of coaching before which makes me really happy. I lobve the fact that this is such a simple technique to help people unlock their unconscious as im sure most people don’t realise often the answers are there all along 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kevin, for the great feedback, I’m so glad you enjoyed it :). It is simple and you are correct, it does tap straight into the unconscious mind – and jump-starts the imagination which leads to inspiration. Over the coming weeks, I will introduce the 22 Business Mentors of the Tarot using similarly simple exercises to get you thinking about business issues from a totally different perspective. I do hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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