Mad Hatter Tarot Coaching was born from transformation. It combines the ancient symbolism and wisdom of the Tarot with three decades of business and coaching experience. It’s a mix of Mysticism and Pragmatism.

This type of coaching is not for everyone. It’s for those who want to bring their beliefs and values into all areas of their lives – those who want to make their work count and value fulfilment as much as profit.

Business Soul

There is a shift happening in the world of business and it’s reflected in the the Triple Bottom Line accounting framework of People, Planet and Profit. Growing public awareness of the exploitation of cheap labour and excessive use of hydrocarbons has forced several companies, including Nike and Tesco, to re-examine their sourcing policies. How businesses treat their people and the environment is becoming vitally important to profit.

Businesses are having to develop a soul and a conscience that comes with it. Being aware of their impact ecologically, not just on their employees but also on the environment, is becoming a key to success. A mission statement is just not enough anymore – actions and results are what count to joined-up consumers.

Social media is making it very difficult for any entity to maintain a facade and authenticity is becoming a necessity. People are seeing through spiel, discovering the truth and sharing what they find. The bigger the name, the quicker it spreads. Authenticity is being forced upon all organisations, both businesses and governments.

Spirituality In Business

Ethics and principles are not just concepts and good ideas, they are the substance by which great leaders run their businesses. Some are becoming more open about their own spirituality and the value of it in running their businesses. Harvard Business School reported on the Möbius Leadership Forum Discussion with executives from a wide range of industries on how their spirituality helps them be powerful leaders:

  • For Robert Glassman, his spirituality at work is expressed as a commitment to social justice. As co-founder and co-chairman of Wainwright Bank & Trust Company based in Boston, Glassman said issues such as homelessness, women’s rights and outreach to the gay and lesbian community have shaped his own life and the life of his business.
    The “harmony” among his personal life, business life, and philanthropy, he said, “is as close as I’m going to come to being a spiritual person.”
  • According to Ricardo Levy, chairman of Catalytica Energy Systems, executives are trained for action—contemplation is not part of their rulebook. In his own career, however, he discovered the need for spiritual guidance in crucial decisions, especially those that affect other people such as employees, he said.
    Asked by a member of the audience for his definition of success, Levy said, “I’d rather use the word fulfillment. Success is a metric; you never have enough. But only you can define fulfillment. We as individuals are the only judges.”
  • Gregory Slayton (HBS MBA ’90), chairman of ClickAction Inc., said his beliefs are never far from his office. Literally. He reads the Bible at work, and employees will sometimes drop in on him while he is praying.
    “That shouldn’t bother anyone,” Slayton said. “It’s how I stay in balance.”
  • On the other hand, Zia Chishti, chairman and CEO of Align Technology, said he tries to keep his religious faith as far from the office as possible, fearing it would alienate some employees. But that doesn’t mean his spiritual values have no place at work. He said he distills his Muslim beliefs into a set of ethics that help him guide the business.
  • Chishti added that one of the downsides of leadership, isolation, can also be a benefit.
    “Isolation is not all that bad,” he said, because it forces introspection into your basic beliefs.

Mad Hatter Business Coaching

Though this evolutionary process is not complete, it is making it much easier for small businesses like ours to speak our truth and value our beliefs. To be authentic.

Some of my ex-colleagues thought I was mad to combine both Tarot and Business and for a long time, I went along with them. I kept one foot in the business world and the other in the mysteries, never quite fitting into either. Being inauthentic is very uncomfortable.

Four years ago I started developing a coaching methodology that enabled me to offer a  combination of all of my skills and experience to help other business owners. As a tip of the hat to my ex-colleagues, I call myself the Mad Hatter and this revolutionary method is Tarot Business Coaching.

It’s different, it’s deep and it aligns your principles and ethics with your business goals and aspirations.

Business Experience

My business experience ranges from managing digital start-ups and training companies to project management of large-scale website builds and marketing campaigns. I have been involved in the Internet since the early 90’s and have worked with clients in most industries, both public and private sector, in the northern and southern hemisphere.

In 2012 I retrained as a business and transformation coach.

Spiritual Knowledge

My spiritual background is in exploring various religions, practices and philosophies, from all of the Abrahamic religions to Witchcraft, Druidry and Shamanism. The Tarot has always fascinated me and I have been working with it since the turn of the century.

My relationship with it deepened about a decade ago when my thirst for more knowledge led to the study of the Tarot’s origins and the symbolic meanings in a wider context of the esoteric tradition. The deeper I go down that rabbit hole, the more I realise I have to learn about the Western Mystery Tradition, which has introduced me to Kabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy and more.

I have been and will continue to be a life-long student of self-development and inner wisdom.

Magic versus Woo-Woo

I really do believe there are things in this world that we just don’t understand – there are magical things with no explanation. Think of those who conjure up music and art almost from thin air and the brilliant entrepreneurs who just seem to know what to do to succeed. Where does that inspiration, that knowing, that magical spark come from – where does it live?

With my advancing years, I have also become quite sceptical and am not really that woo-woo (don’t laugh now, everything is relative). I’m not part of the rainbows and dolphins brigade and I don’t believe the universe will fix my business (or anything else) if I just ask it nicely and sleep with a crystal.

I do understand about using tools to focus the mind though.  It’s not the crystal doing the work, it’s only a symbol to help focus the intention of the conscious mind. Intense focus helps to create a connection between the unconscious and the spark of inspiration mentioned above. And getting the connection,  the inspiration, the spark is just the first step – the next is taking action and make things happen (write the music, paint the scene, do the business). So no, I don’t believe that I just have to ask and the “universe” will do the work for me but I do believe the “spark” works with me.

So I use the Tarot to set up the connection, to focus the mind and ignite the spark. I use the images and symbolism to relay the message to jump-start the imagination that leads to inspiration. And I use my business experience and coaching skills to encourage you to devise the plan and take the action to create your desired outcome.

Life is real – it can be shitty

I am sixty years old and I have had a spiritual practice for most of my life. I understand that life is not all love and light but is it really supposed to be? What’s the point of life if not to discover the best version of ourselves that we can become – isn’t that our real destiny? How will we learn the important stuff if we are never challenged? How will we know joy if we have never known sadness and would there be light if there was never any darkness in our lives? How are we supposed to serve others if we do not learn how to help ourselves?

Sometimes life and business are difficult, but running away from the challenge and hoping it will be taken care of by someone or something else is not going to get you to the next stage of your journey. There is no moving forward until you face your fear and learn out how to overcome it. If you don’t, you’ll just keep coming up against the same thing over and over again, falling into a cycle of self-pity and blame.

Once you’ve faced your fear and learned how to deal with it, it stops being a challenge and you’re ready to move forward, towards the best version of you – towards your destiny.


I have been working on my latest challenge for the last four years. Walking away from my split life, losing the two parts and discovering the whole self.  During that process, I created a methodology that enables me to combine business coaching with spiritual development, that will help others along their own path.

My purpose is to help you conquer your fears, create new ideas and realise your full magnificent potential.