Tarot Business Coaching


60 Minute business coaching session.

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How does Tarot Coaching work?

Most of my clients are amazed at how the reading aligns with their question and I’m often asked how it works. There are many deep and meaningful answers I can give but simply put, the Tarot is a book written in the language of symbols and images.

The imagery and symbols on the cards both stimulate and communicate with our unconscious. In this way, the Tarot can retrieve valuable truths from the unconscious and provide solutions that, because of their hidden origins, are often revelatory in their nature.

As a Tarot Coach, I interpret these images and symbols for you, helping you activate your imagination and intuition to find the answers that you seek. To get that gut feeling of knowing and believing in the way forward.

About the Session

The session is 60 minutes long and is conducted over Zoom. We spend the first part of it discussing your business and aspirations before agreeing on a coherent question and aligning the spread with your goals. The reading is very interactive and I will be coaching you during the full session.

Prior to the session, please take time to think about the subject on which you would like to receive guidance and coaching. Try to formulate a question that puts you at the centre of the solution – “What can I do to…?” This helps us to focus the session on a specific outcome.

Your Tarot Coach

My own business experience ranges from project management of large-scale website builds and marketing campaigns to managing digital start-ups and training companies. I have worked with clients in most industries, both public and private sector, in the northern and southern hemisphere.

The Tarot has always fascinated me and I have been working with and studying the symbolism and imagery for many years. As a Business Coach, I use the Tarot as a tool to help my clients shift their way of thinking and tap into their unconscious resources. I have also used the Tarot for brainstorming, problem solving and ideas generating for leading brands (though they might not admit it).