Tarot Party – A Girls Night With A Twist


Tarot Party (see below for full details)

Minimum 3 and Maximum 5 people.

Please add the number of people attending the party.




Confirm the date of your Tarot Party with me and then organise your get together in whatever style that suits you, some have an afternoon Tarot tea party while other prefer evening nibbles and drinks To ensure that everyone has a good experience I will read for a maximum of 5 people at one party and the minimum is 3. Should you need more Tarot readers to be present to cater for a larger party, this can be arranged.


There will be plenty of fun and laughter happening at the Tarot Party, but don’t worry about this – there is no need for everyone to keep quiet. As long as there is a quiet space with a table and two chairs, I can set up a sacred space for the readings and ensure that you are each in the right state of mind and ready for your reading.


There are quite a few people receiving readings and each has set appointment times, half an hour apart, so our time will be limited. To make the best use of your reading time please think about the guidance you would like to receive beforehand. Think of a question you would like to ask the cards and please put you at the centre of it, so something like “What can I do to bring love into my life?” or “What can I do to get the promotion at work?” or “What can I do to become more financially stable?”… We will perfect the question on the night so don’t worry too much if you can’t find a way to frame it. If you don’t have anything specific you can also choose to have a general reading.


Apart from being an experienced Tarot Reader and deeply spiritual person, I am also a qualified life and business coach with many decades of mainstream business experience. I believe in free will and that we each have the right to choose how we live our lives. My belief is that the universe works with you and not for you, that we can’t just ask for something and expect it to be delivered – that we need to take action in order to get in the flow with the life force.

My style of reading is less fortune telling and more Tarot coaching. At the Tarot Party I will ask you to close your eyes and connect with whatever you believe in (or your higher self) and ask your question. You will be selecting your own cards during this process, the cards acting as a connection between you and your higher power. I then create a spread and give you the guidance received by interpreting the symbolism and imagery of the Tarot and offer any life coaching tips and tools where appropriate. Remember, as we all have free will, you can choose whether to accept this guidance or not – so don’t be nervous, it will be a great experience.


A hidden page will be created for the Tarot Party on this website under the name of the hostess. A link will be supplied to distribute to guests and payment is made directly to Mad Hatter Tarot. There is no need to worry about or handle cash on the night.


As we are based in two locations, I can travel within a reasonable distance of Southend-On-Sea or Maidstone to run a Tarot Party (please confirm location before booking).


Please contact me to confirm dates or call Kae on 07795-963699


CLARE, ESSEX: “We did one of Kae’s Tarot Party’s last night at our house and WOW, what an interesting evening! We had everything from laughter to thoughtful contemplate and some crazy but really “nice” coincidences with one couple! A couple of my friends said that things came up that they hadn’t wanted to look at but now they know they need to in order to get where they need to be. I was actually blown away by what my last friend told me.

Kae really has a gift for this. It’s amazing how the persons issues come through the cards and Kae’s coaching style makes these evenings so unique and so useful!

Last night I think everyone took something away from it to chew over and cos we loved Kae’s Tarot Party so much, we are doing another one on Wednesday with another bunch of our friends… there will be more prosecco than cups of tea at that one though! So excited for our next one! Thanks Kae”

CHARLENE, ESSEX: “I hosted a Tarot Party and all of the feedback was amazing!! Kae hit the nail on the head with my tarot reading and I highly recommend her to anyone
Such a warm person with a calming aura
I love her xx”

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