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What Would Sherlock Do? Business Mentor #2

"Shut up everybody, shut up! Don't move, don't speak, don't breathe, I'm trying to think. "-Sherlock

Welcome to the second in our series of brainstorming exercises as we meet the 22 Business Mentors of the Tarot.

This technique will help you to look at your problems and issues from a different perspective and find answers that you hadn’t considered. We are all creatures of habit and that includes our problem-solving process. I use this brainstorming technique with my clients to shake up their thinking. It helps them look at problems and issues from a totally different perspective and find answers they hadn’t previously considered. Each of your mentors will help you to think from a unique perspective and take a different approach to finding solutions. All will give you credible answers from their own strengths and experience.

Following on from Jack Sparrow representing the Fool, today we meet the next of our Mentors -  The Magician.

Key 1 – The Magician

The Magician is all about power and more specifically the power of the mind. A transformer, an innovator and a man of action – he turns ideas into reality. He is an intelligent, creative and skilful man.

The Magician is a visionary and can look to the future and can see possibilities as realities. He’s not afraid to take risks when he feels in his gut that it will work. He then puts 100% focus and attention on making things happen. With his driven ambition he usually wants to make them happen NOW.

He is a master problem solver and may look at many solutions before committing to a plan of action. He is a charismatic leader with an awareness of everyone and everything going on around him. People love to work with him and are inspired by his creativity, vision and drive.

Think of great Magician personalities from the past like Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton or more up to date business leaders like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Richard Branson. From fiction, we have characters like Gandalf the Grey, Doc Brown from Back to the Future and my personal favourite, the modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

You are the Magician

So take half an hour alone and quiet time and give your current situation your full and focused attention. As yourself, “In this situation what would “Sherlock” do?” Raise yourself out of the situation and see it from a higher perspective - look at your business through the eyes of your chosen powerful and transformative leader. What would he do?

Let your mind create and wander and imagine all possibilities and solutions. Don’t limit yourself to your previous narrow thinking - you are The Magician - open your mind and think big. Explore how a successful outcome will look, feel and sound like. You’ll know in your gut when you hit on the right scenario.

When you are happy with the future you have created in your brilliant mind, when you can visualise it, taste it, feel it and hear it -  take a look back and see how far you have come. See the steps you took to get there - look right back, all the way back to now. Become aware of the first step that put you on this path to success. Then stand up and do it NOW!

Sherlock photo By Fat Les (bellaphon) from London, UK (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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My spiritual background is in exploring various religions, practices and philosophies, from the Abrahamic religions to Witchcraft, Shamanism and Druidry. The Tarot has always fascinated me and the study of its symbolic meanings, in the western esoteric tradition, has introduced me to Kabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy and so much more.

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