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The business world is changing fast and we are constantly kept on our toes trying to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. There is so much new stuff out there to understand and learn and unless you have a team of people to do it for you, it becomes difficult to know what to prioritise.

Do you want to earn 6 figures a month?

Our social media feeds are filled with a multitude of “experts” giving advice on how to create a six-figure a month business. I don’t know about you, but as a small business, I’d be ecstatic with a six-figure income for the year. All I want is a growth path that I know I can manage and still give my clients the attention they deserve.

These “FREE – but pay me loads and I’ll give you my system” webinars leave me feeling overwhelmed with hype and too much information. Is it just me that thinks the majority of them are BS?  I know they just want to sell to me and that most of these systems are not relevant to my own business vision.

It’s at this point I turn to the Tarot for direction. By tapping into my own imagination and intuition, I find direction and clear away the clutter.

Does Tarot predict the future?

Well, the blunt answer to that is no. Though a reading will give a potential outcome on the issue it will usually give you work to do to get there. You can then decide whether or not to take the guidance and do the work. You have free will. The responsibility to make things happen in your own life and business rests completely with you. And isn’t that great? As a coach, I use the Tarot to help you to reach decisions on how to move forward – taking action is in your own hands.

A Tarot Coaching Session is different from a standard reading, it taps into the resources of your unconscious mind and aligns with your own goals, dreams, ethics and principles. The symbolism of the cards reignites ideas and opportunities that have become buried by the daily grind of keeping up.  The cards help to view your business from a different perspective and see opportunities, choices and decisions you may not have considered. It asks you difficult questions and seeks honest answers.

My methods are based on my own business experience, the training and experience I have as a Business Coach combined with years of study on the symbolism and interpretation of the Tarot. My reading approach is aligned with the Tarot Analytics of Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot. and as she explains “most people’s typical analytical process incorporates rational and emotional intelligence. By applying Tarot, one can add a third dimension: that of spiritual intelligence.”

How does Tarot Coaching work?

Most of my clients are amazed at how the reading aligns with their question and I’m often asked how it works. There are many deep and meaningful answers I can give but simply put, the Tarot is a book written in the language of symbols and images. When we study them in a spread we activate parts of ourselves, like imagination and intuition, that are often viewed as fantasy.

In our modern society, we have drawn a distinction between imagination and truth, separating them. Often believing that only conscious, rational thought process can lead us to the answer. However, in many cases the truth of the matter resides in the unconscious mind where our, usually trusted, rational thought can’t take us. The unconscious does not understand words, it understands visual images. To reach it we need to stimulate our intuition and the most direct way of doing that at will is by activating our imagination. Far from being separate from truth, our imagination is sometimes the only way of getting a more revealing grasp of it. It is by this path that those leaps in thinking we call “Eureka moments” are often reached.

The imagery and symbols on the cards both stimulate and communicate with our unconscious. In this way, the Tarot can retrieve valuable truths from the unconscious and provide solutions that, because of their hidden origins, are often revelatory in their nature.

As a Tarot Coach, I interpret these images and symbols for you, helping you activate your imagination and intuition to find the answers that you seek. To get that gut feeling of knowing and believing in the way forward.

Tarot Coaching Session

The session is normally about 60 minutes and is conducted over Zoom or Skype and we deal with one specific issue or situation per session. We spend the first part of it discussing your aspirations before agreeing on a coherent question and aligning the spread with your goals. The reading is very interactive and I will be coaching you during the interpretation of the cards.

Prior to the session, please take time to think about the subject on which you would like to receive guidance and coaching. Try to formulate a question that puts you at the centre of the solution – “What can I do to reach more clients? “How can I grow my business? ” “What can I do to increase profitability?” “Which new product should I introduce?”  This helps us to focus the session on a specific outcome.


About Your Tarot Coach

My own business experience ranges from project management of large-scale website builds and marketing campaigns to managing digital start-ups and training companies. I have worked with clients in most industries, both public and private sector, in the northern and southern hemisphere.

The Tarot has always fascinated me and I have been working with and studying the symbolism and imagery for many years.

As a Business Coach, I use the Tarot as a tool to help my clients shift their way of thinking and tap into their unconscious resources. We also use the Tarot for brainstorming, problem solving and ideas generating.

If you would like to book a Tarot Business Coaching Session please contact me. 

Tarot Business Coaching Testimonials

“Kae combines her knowledge of business and project management with her immense skills as a coach and her intuitive use of Tarot in helping businesses thrive and prosper. This year I came to Kae in overwhelm with all I had to do and not knowing where to put my energy. I left with a clear understanding of the steps I want to take and the order that will work best for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Kae and her unique approach to business coaching.” Helen, Cotswolds

“Had an excellent tarot reading with Kae. She is a gifted intuitive. Her ability to guide and interpret really brings the tarot alive in such a personal and unconscious way. A must do if you get the opportunity! I was surprise how easy and connected the Skype reading actually was, all from the comfort of my own home. Magic! Thank you” Emily, London

“I can definitely recommend Kae’s (amongst many) skills as a Tarot Reader. She allowed me to go at my own pace and to bring together what she saw in the cards. Excellent.” Irene Brankin, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Author, Essex

“Kae gave me a fascinating tarot for business reading. It was insightful and powerful, so helpful, inspiring me to keep going on the path I’ve begun. Kae has deep knowledge of the tarot and business which makes a powerful combination. She just shows you the options and you can choose what to take on board. I totally recommend a reading with Kae.” Rosemary, Essex

“Kae’s Tarot card reading was interesting and sensitive. It left me feeling uplifted and positive about my exciting present and illuminated future goals. Fabulous !” Silke, Essex”

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