Reviews from Mad Hatter clients

Yeu-Meng Feldenkrais Practitioner and Concert Pianist 

I was at a crossroad with my work – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it at the ‘hobby’ level it was or to grow it into something that could be a viable business.
I felt I needed guidance, not only on a practical but also on a spiritual level. I was afraid to lose my authenticity by marketing iand selling my services. Kae’s reading and coaching were so spot on as to where I should head next. 
With her insightful knowledge and expertise I feel as though I have been led through a path that is absolutely the right one for me, fully equipped with tools to handle whatever obstacles are in the way, most of them being internal ones.
Thank you so much Kae, and I have already recommended your Tarot Business Coaching to lots of my friends and associates.

Karen Cherish The Memory

A business coaching session with a huge difference, there were a few raised eyebrows when I said I was going to do it. But I have to say after the reading I had the best nights sleep and the clearest vision for my business. Kae guided me through things that were staring me in the face, but I was so overwhelmed I could not see clearly. In the week since the reading I have attacked my business with renewed confidence and in 6 months time I plan to do it again, just so I stay on track. I urge you to try Tarot Business Coaching its brilliant.

Karen She’s Electric

My coaching session was both reassuring and thought-provoking and I loved it!! It's a great way to get your mind opened to possibilities you may never have thought of as well as getting guidance on inner challenges. Kae is amazingly insightful and intuitive and has such a special gift. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Kae and the Tarot Business Coaching.

Helen Networking For Introverts

Tarot for Business 2018 - Kae combines her knowledge of business and project management with her immense skills as a coach and her intuitive use of Tarot in helping businesses thrive and prosper. This year I came to Kae in overwhelm with all I had to do and not knowing where to put my energy. I left with a clear understanding of the steps I want to take and the order that will work best for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Kae and her unique approach to business coaching.

Rachel Holistic Therapist

I highly recommend Kae. Apart from being a wonderful and warm lady, she’s also very insightful and knowledgeable. Kae has pushed me out of my comfort zone into greater areas and I’m very grateful for her assistance.

Irene Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Author, Mentor and Coach

I have always been rather wary of Tarot and especially combined with Business Coaching usage. I have to say though that I have found sessions with Kae Skinner Sera to be of great use as we purely focussed on my business. Kae even gave me further information on another session when I didn't reveal what the business issue was. I can heartily recommend her work on drawing the two strands together from her prior experience and professionalism of wearing two hats.

Jojo Jojo Marketing.

On Friday I had a business coaching reading with Kae Skinner Sera as a bit of self-love, and to see what it was like. I have to say, it was genuinely very helpful and practical, giving me new focus and determination. Highly recommended. I have greater clarity on what I need to do and the challenges to overcome over the next while, so that I can bound ahead with my business. I've already started putting more things into action and into place to make this happen.