Mad Hatter was born from transformation. It combines the ancient symbolism and wisdom of the Tarot with my three decades of business and coaching experience. It’s a mix of Mysticism and Pragmatism.

This type of coaching is for those who want to bring their beliefs and values into all areas of their lives – those who want to make their work count and who value fulfilment as much as profit.

I use the Tarot to set up a spiritual connection, to focus your mind and ignite a spark. I use the images and symbolism to relay the message to jump-start your imagination that leads to inspiration. And I use my business experience and coaching skills to encourage you to devise the plan and take the action to create your desired outcome.

I don’t predict the future. The cards will give a potential outcome but you’ll have work to do to get there. You can decide whether or not to take the guidance and do the work. You have free will. The responsibility to make things happen in your business rests completely with you. As a coach, I help you to reach decisions on how to move forward – taking action is in your own hands.